All of the free printables on this website are created by our amazing Printjoy® Designers (Support Our Designers) and are strictly for personal use only. Printjoy printables may not be re-sold or re-distributed. Please read our allowed use below.



  • YOU CAN make an unlimited number of projects for your own personal use.
  • YOU CAN make gifts with the files for your family and friends.
  • YOU CAN share links to Printjoy® printable product pages, so others can download the file for themselves (thank you for sharing!).
    • With permission from us, in most cases we will allow you to repost up to 10 of our product images on your website/blog or social media to share with your followers, just as long as you use our exact product image that already has our logo and website on it and that it links to the exact page of the product on our website. Your followers may then click the linked image on your platform and are only allowed to download the actual printfile from Social media influencers and bloggers like to do this to bring unique value to their followers and it also helps people learn about Printjoy® so in most cases we will approve this. You will just need email us with permission first.



  • YOU CANNOT make products for sale with the files.
  • YOU CANNOT upload the files for resell or redistribution.
  • YOU CANNOT use files to make profit or for commercial/business use.
  • YOU CANNOT give the files away for free to followers on social media or as part of your company.
  • YOU CANNOT share the printfiles (the image file you use for the actual printing) directly with friends or on social media. The files may only be downloaded and used by individual Printjoy® Member account holders.

The rights to the files/designs do not transfer when a file is downloaded. The ©Copyright still belongs to Printjoy®.



          Printjoy® takes ©Copyright and Trademark® laws seriously. We have created a rigorous creative process to avoid copyrighting others artwork when designing our artwork. In other words, our designers follow a design process we developed (consistent with ©Copyright laws) that makes our artwork different, unique, and/or never the exact same as any other copyrighted artwork.
          Every week one of our team members uses advance image recognition tools to scan the entire web for exact copies of our artwork which helps us discover who is using our exact artwork for non-allowed use (see YOU CANNOT section above). Several "copycats" have already tried to start online stores on Etsy, Amazon, and other sales channels using our EXACT design printfiles, only changing the mockup or product image, but literally using our exact printfiles to sell as printables and physical products. Or even just giving away our printfiles away for free downloads on their website or distribution platform. We allow people to share links to our printable pages, but not take put our printfiles for download on their own website or distribution platform. Those violators have since been reported by Printjoy® Inc. and removed from Etsy, Amazon, and other sales/distribution platforms.
          All we require is you use our artwork for personal use only (see YOU CAN section above), not for resell or redistribution (profit or commercial/business use). Our designers have worked hard to develop their artistic and design skills and use them with Printjoy® to create beautiful and unique artwork. Because of this we check the web weekly to ensure no person gets away with stealing our artwork. We will first send a warning "Cease and Desist" letter. If the copied artwork for unapproved-use (again, see YOU CANNOT section above) has not been removed within 30 days of the letter being sent, we will then send the legal issue to our ©Copyright and Trademark® Attorney to take legal action. Please just use our printables for personal use only and everyone wins. There are so many ways to enjoy our free printables for personal use. We apologize to go on and on with this, we have just had some "copycats" try to steal our artwork recently and it's just not right. We created Printjoy® to help others save money while enjoying crafting and decorating activities that bring more joy into their lives. To continue making this mission possible we need to keep our design work for your personal use only, only available for download at


Thank you for honesty in using our free printables for personal use only and for sharing with your family and friends! Please email us if you have any further questions.


/ Printjoy® Design Team