Downloading Printables

There is a teal blue ADD TO PRINTFILES button on each free printable page. You need to select the option(s) you want for your free printable download and then press the ADD TO PRINTFILES button. Once you'll chosen added all you free download files to the PRINTFILES page you will then need to select the CHECKOUT TO DOWNLOAD button. Then proceed from there until you reach the DOWNLOAD page.

Yes, you will need to setup your own free member account which is super easy! Once its set up you can see all your free downloads in one place and download printables faster next time around!

Printing Printables

Any home photo printer will work for smaller sized prints, especially if its a simple black and white design. Where you'll want a nicer printer is if you're printing artwork with more color or needing a larger size printed. We use the Canon PIXMA Pro-100. This printer is great because the picture is perfect and prints anywhere between 4 x 6 (in) and 13 x 19 (in). You can find this printer on Amazon.

OEM for sure! Even though the price is a bit more for real brand name ink, it will save you money and time in the long run and ensure the best possible print quality! We recommend using a Canon printer with real Canon brand ink.