Scrub A Dub Dub • Cute Bathroom Sign • Rustic Modern Farmhouse Decor • Printable Wall Art • Instant Download

Color: Rustic Ivory
Format: Square
$ 0

Scrub A Dub Dub • Cute Bathroom Sign • Rustic Modern Farmhouse • Ivory • Wall Art • Free Printable Download

Refresh your space with this cute rustic modern farmhouse bathroom wall art printable! Printing your own wall art is an easy and affordable way to decorate fast and keep your home in style.

This printable includes one high quality digital download. The printable does not include a physical product, frame or photo props. Choose from any of the following sizes:

  • Portrait: Includes one 18 x 24 (in) 300dpi .jpg printfile. Resize or crop to 4 x 6 (in), 5 x 7 (in), 8 x 10 (in), 8.5 x 11 (in), 11 x 14 (in), 12 x 16 (in), 12 x 18 (in), 13 x 19 (in), 16 x 20 (in), 20 x 24 (in), 18 x 24 (in), 24 x 36 (in), 40 x 50 (cm), 50 x 70 (cm), A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and more.
    • Landscape: Includes one 24 x 18 (in) 300dpi .jpg printfile. Resize or crop to 6 x 4 (in), 7 x 5 (in), 10 x 8 (in), 11 x 8.5 (in), 14 x 11 (in), 16 x 12 (in), 18 x 12 (in), 19 x 13 (in), 20 x 16 (in), 24 x 18 (in), 36 x 24 (in), 50 x 40 (cm), 70 x 50 (cm), A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and more.
    • Square: Includes one 24 x 24 (in) 300dpi .jpg printfile. Resize or crop to 4 x 4 (in), 5 x 5 (in), 6 x 6 (in), 8 x 8 (in), 10 x 10 (in), 12 x 12 (in), 14 x 14 (in), 16 x 16 (in), 18 x 18 (in), 20 x 20 (in), 24 x 24 (in), 36 x 36 (in), 50 x 50 (cm), 70 x 70 (cm) and more.
    • Panoramic: Includes one 36 x 12 (in) 300dpi .jpg printfile. Resize or crop this 3:1 aspect ratio printfile to your liking. You can print all the way up to 72 x 24 (in) at 150dpi which will still give you great quality or print on something as small as 6 x 2 (in) for a mini bathroom frame and more.

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          • If you choose to print your own Printjoy printables, we recommend using these printer settings:
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              • Resolution: 300dpi, high quality photo (found in preferences)
              • Paper size: We recommend 8.5 x 11 (letter) and 13 x 19 photo paper sheets.
          • We have tested and compared the top home photo printers and for best results we highly recommend the Canon PIXMA photo printers which are our favorite for printing Printjoy printables. One way we are able to keep Printjoy printables free is by you buying one of the printers below within 24 hours. Doing this helps us keep our site free and helps you get the best home photo printer at the best price! All of the recommend printers listed below link over to Amazon for purchase. Thank you for supporting the Printjoy designers and enjoy your new photo printer!


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      IMPORTANT: Only use real Canon ink, we tried knock off ink brands which resulted in in-accurate colors and ruined print heads. Again, we recommend 8.5 x 11 inch (letter) and 13 x 19 inch photo paper sheets.

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